A little rant on Instagram photography.

I’m sorry everyone, Instagram does not instantly make you a profesional photographer. A lot of my pictures are mediocre, especially the ones you see on my Facebook, mainly because I get lazy. However I don’t clam every picture I take to be a masterpiece. Anyone can take pictures of pretty inanimate objects and put a nice filter overt them. It doesn’t make them good. I’m not saying Instagram is evil and no one should use it, and I am certainly not saying everyone who uses it is bad at photography. I have seen some fabulous images come from Instagram, and I am a strong believer that it is not the camera that makes for a good picture. While it is certainly part of it and while choosing the right camera for the right situation is very important, there is more to it then that. Photography is art and like all art it requires creativity, orriginality and talent that I believe you can just have or you can acquire with practice. What I am saying is that the arrogance that seems to come to people for having lots of followers on Instagram is not okay. It absolutely irks me how photography has become so much more about popularity then about skill or talent.


2 thoughts on “A little rant on Instagram photography.

    • I think you make some good points in your article. Natural Lighting is a must if available in my opinion. and as far as product photography goes creating a scene is a wonderful idea, but very easy to screw up. I am very picky when it comes to taking a good photograph however. You might understand better if you read here https://jenjendotjpeg.wordpress.com/2013/04/12/purpose. Personally I can’t stand when you take a photograph and the viewer can tell it is posed. When I do portrait or event photography I never tell my clients to smile Instead I try to make them laugh. (There is nothing worse then a fake smile or an award pose) the scene/scenario must be natural for those in it. As far as editing goes I have to disagree in recommending it that way, assuming you are addressing your article to those new to photography that is, yes editing is fine, but if a picture looks good, please leave it alone. Not every photograph needs editing, even for novices. I try to encourage people staring off to do the minimal editing, other then cropping and straightening. It is an easy thing to over do. And the most important thing is to practice, keep snapping. Don’t take 1 picture and edit it to hell take 100 and I’m sure you will find at least one you are in love with. But these are all purely my opinions. Going back to my post, I would like to again point out the main point of this post was not to say some people just are not good at photography. I don’t believe that at all. And it certainly was not to teach people how to take a photograph as if I know better then every one, that is far from the truth. My point was the anger I get from seeing photography turn into more of a popularity contest then an art.

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