Pop Culture and “Wannabes”

I love the site http://www.itsallindie.com, I really do. I’ve discovered a bunch of great music through it. But they said something I really didn’t like on their Facebook fan page today. When anyone uses the words ‘dumb-ass’, ‘hipster’, and ‘wannabes’ in the same sentence you loose a ton of my respect. You have to be the dumbest assholes ever. Maybe it is just me but I thought “hipster” was all about doing your own thing. For the longest time I hated the word, because who would put a label to being yourself and then not be your self but a carbon copy of everyone else claiming to be themselves. Then I realized I kind of fit the term, but not as a carbon copy. I wear what I think looks okay and is comfy and I listen to music I think sounds good. The people the fan page admin was referring to are not “dumb-ass hipster wannabes”  they may be dumb and they may be wannabes but what they want to be is a carbon copy of pop culture. They were probably skater wannabes in the later 1990’s, emo wannabes in 2006, and then scene kid wannabes in 2009. But what is sad is that anybody even cares, let young girls and guys be who they feel they want to be. Finding your self is a huge part of growing up, and I think experimenting is perfectly acceptable. We were all some sort of wannabe at some point in our lives, even if that was wanting to be a princess or an astronaut at age 5.


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