It’s all about her quality of life.

My wonderful family member Java, who just so happens to be a dog, Is getting old. She is 14 and she has cancer that is getting worse and worse. The cancer was removed once, but came back, and at her age surgery would just be too much.  I’m honestly worried she is not going to be around much longer. As long as she is still happy and enjoying things on a daily basis, we will keep her alive and do what we can to keep her happy and comfortable. But when her suffering gets so bad she looses the perkiness and joy she has left we will help to her pass peacefully. whether that be by putting her down, or by wrapping her in blankets and giving her favorite snacks to her on her last night. I don’t want to loose her, however I know she is slowly slipping. No matter what mental preparation I do, I know I am going to break down when she passes. 


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