The gun is not the weapon, the person is?

Keep in mind every thing said below is simply the expression of my opinions. I am not trying to pass anything off as proven fact or some sort of law everyone must follow. No I am expressing my personal feelings towards a topic that is all.  

Yesterday there was an event in my old neighborhood, there was a man, armed, walking up and down the streets. My friend became worried about his son, who was being watched at a sitters house in that same neighborhood. Now of coarse when ever guns come up in conversation for some reason people feel the need to  get all worked up in protecting guns and gun rights. Someone then said something about how: we shouldn’t be coming to the conclusion that the man is a criminal yet. I understand that… however this person also said a couple other things that irritated me.

Their statements were: “but its ok to be part of the sheep and be scared. I rather be the sheep dog, protecting the sheep” and “freaking out about a weapon…. Come on really?”  

I argued that I find it perfectly acceptable to fear something that’s sole purpose is to injure and or kill things. And I find it disturbing that someone could talk down upon having that fear. At this point someone else said

“Mine aren’t for killing… They’re for protection. And i don’t fear them. I fear the person behind it… that’s the killer, not the inanimate object…”

 People are the weapon. The gun is just a tool..” 

I have two things to say about this.

First: How do you ‘protect” your self with these weapons? Does the bad guy just run away when they see  you have a gun? Even when they have a gun too? No you injure or kill them. Point in case.

Secondly: How many gun related deaths and injuries could be avoided if the culprits did not have access to guns. Not all gun related issues come about because of psychopaths. I bet you a lot of these young punk kids joining gangs would not have it in them to murder some one with there bare hands or any way more gruesome then a gun shot wound. Also lets not forget the accidents that happen with them. Oh so many horrible accidents. In the end a gun is not just a tool, it is a tool designed to kill, and you don’t have to put a sick minded killer behind the gun to kill someone, because things happen.


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