22 Things

My birthday is coming up on the 28th, and here are 22 things I hope to do for my twenty-second year of life (in no particular order).

  1. Sleep in whenever possible
  2. Exercise!
  3. Loose 60lbs
  4. Go swimming while the sun sets
  5. Get accepted into L’Academie de Cuisine
  6. Get over my fear of driving
  7. Go to the tidal basin at night
  8. Fall in love
  9. Read some books
  10. Go to the beach with my bestie
  11. Go to my brothers wedding
  12. Go to San Diego to visit my brother and his fiancée
  13. Visit my best friend after she moves to Florida
  14. Make new friends
  15. Go to the Inner Harbor of Baltimore
  16. Go to the Merriweather Post Pavilion (where my mother and father had their first date)
  17. Finish decorating my room and bathroom
  18. Become a profesional chef
  19. Make amazing art
  20. Contact my cousins Emma and Clara
  21. Watch Season 7 of Doctor Who and hopefully season 8 too
  22. Be Happy!

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