Updates on life and stuff.

This morning my best friend set off on a journey. She is moving more then 800 miles away, but this is not just a move, this is a serious life changing opportunity for her. I am so very excited for her and the things she will do in life. I’m a little sad about it all but she and I are best friends through thick and thin and this will be no challenge at all.

In other news I have this really funny friend named Dan, he is a really cool guy. If you like video games check out his youtube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/therealAgerbon. But that is besides the point, This morning Dan told one of his over the top silly stories, and this one gave me an idea…  his story was about coffee that had been made way too “strong” or with way too little water (however you want to think about it) and it came out… well… thicker then coffee should be. Now I’m a cook and now I have a mission to make the perfect coffee syrup, I’ll probably start my experiments as if it were a simple sugar syrup. I now have this idea for pancakes with a sweet coffee syrup. Obviously my recipe will include other very awesome ingredients, some I already have in mind (but I just can’t share all my secrets now can I?) I have to wonder why, with all the fancy breakfast places I have been to and eaten at… why have I never seen this?! It sounds like the perfect breakfast to me.

So when my best friend gets settled in her new home, finishes school and opens her first bed in breakfast… with me as the chef, this will have to be our first item on the menu.


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