Nothing has ever made me feel this much like a failure before.

Not like this class does. I’m taking a jewelry and metal working college course, and it is very hard. It has taught me several things things about my self and reinforced other lessons, none of which are positive.

My lessons so far:

1. First of all my time management is awful.

2. Soldering is hard.

3. I can fail at something and try again over ten times and not seem to make any improvement.

4. I’m terrible at cleaning things up, and honestly feel like I can’t be bothered half the time.

5. I’m horrible at math and even measuring.

6. Finally my self esteem is shit but it can be worse and it is getting worse.

It’s pretty terrible when a class that isn’t even important to your major can beat you up and make you feel as pathetic as this class does.


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