A rant on the topic of subtle sexism…

Everyone needs to stop generalizing women, then limiting stupid habits of certain human beings to us as a gender. Yeah some women drive bad, so do some men. Right… there are women who do this or that but I guarantee, 100% of the time, there are men out there who do it too. Stop and think before you speak that way please. I just have been seeing way too much of it recently. I saw 4 different guys being subtly sexist just today. Sometimes they probably didn’t even notice. I’m not going to call any one specific out publicly. But it’s annoying and far to common. just a few examples of what I’m saying are “girls never go for nice guys” or ” bitches love sweet stuff ” or “women are horrible drivers”. Statements like that are not only bullshit at least half of the time, but in a way judgemental, and can even be hurtful. What’s really sad is when women do it… I mean i’m totally guilty of the occasional joke. I really don’t care about the “go make me a sandwich” or “you belong in the kitchen” as long as it is a joke…. but the men and especially women who generalize and fault females subtly with out realizing it in some way almost every day, because it is so engrained in our culture… now that bothers me like crazy.


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