Don’t get me wrong I actually really enjoy fall…

and those little lists about why fall is so great are really cute. However, fall is far from the perfect season. Without further ado, because I’m sick and feeling kind of pessimistic, here is the list no one ever really makes:

The Reason For My Hatred, In My Love-Hate Relationship With Fall

(I do not apologize for the lack of a pretty background picture.)

  • Allergies: they are always so much worse in the fall.
  • Colds: fall is pretty much the best time of year to get sick.
  • Sinus headaches: because of all those colds and allergies.
  • Mother nature’s seasonal bipolar disorder: Oh yeah, those hoodies and boots are great in the early mornings and evening but then it is sunny in the upper 80’s in the afternoon, and you might decide to die of a heat stroke.
  • The lines at coffee shops more then double in size: All those hipster chicks and that seasonal coffee… I just want my morning dose of caffeine please.
  • There IS such thing as too much pumpkin: I’m pretty sure pumpkins are going to begin their reign over the world one fall. Not everything needs to be pumpkin flavored or pumpkin scented, okay? No one will die if you pick a different flavor for your new product. Honestly, it’s getting a bit scary.
  • Getting sick: oh did I already mention this?… It is that bad.

It might not seem like that bad of a list, but it does exist. So when you run out of things to say on your fall bucket list… just don’t do this:


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